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Selection of a server for the accounting department

The effective work of each department is the key to the company's success. By paying attention to the needs of workers, you can ensure comfortable access to data and organize work. The accounting department is a separate topic, since the necessary conditions should be created, taking into account: the volume of documents processed by accountants: client papers, customs data and other sources; data storage locations, for example, the laptop of the chief accountant or general director; relevance of the need for remote access to collected documents. Fulfilling every whim while improving the efficiency of the department seems to be a difficult task. However, today you can use proven technologies like a cloud server. Now we will find out what advantages this solution has and how to create a safe space. Why a remote server is suitable for the accounting department When selecting a server for a company, suitable functionality plays a decisive role. The requirements for it are slightly different, and

Is your server out of date and needs replacement?

What is the optimal length of time to use a new server? It is unlikely that anyone will be able to answer this question, including system administrators. The difficulty is that the equipment loses its power gradually. This is due to the fact that the volume of data regularly grows and processing becomes slower. A partial update helps eliminate some problems, but it is a mistake to consider this solution a guarantee of successful use. Several recommendations from specialists will help you assess the state of the system and find a way out of the situation. When a partial update will bring results Finding an economical and effective solution is a difficult task. Based on business needs, it is difficult to find the right moment and make a complete replacement of equipment. However, remember that in some cases, investing in repairs is not worthwhile. A study of the following characteristics and parameters will help you assess the current condition and decide to replace the server: the total cost of existing

IT infrastructure in the cloud abroad

Why do business owners choose servers for their IT infrastructure outside of Ukraine? There are at least 10 reasons to use cloud services abroad. Let's take a closer look at them. 1. Business is safe when information is stored abroad. When storing company data on a cloud server outside of Ukraine, you don’t have to worry about the security and confidentiality of important information, because there will be no access to it without the owner’s permission. 2. You get a universal tool. You can easily install your software on a cloud server or rent space with already installed programs to suit your needs. If necessary, you can create a unique IT infrastructure in the cloud, customized for your business. 3. Does not require constant server updating Over time, the software requires updating because the IT industry is constantly changing and transforming. But you don't

Secure and reliable server for the company

Modern companies usually use rented servers to store their data, serviced by specialized services. This is convenient and beneficial for both parties. The server maintenance package includes a number of measures aimed at ensuring uninterrupted and fast operation of services and business applications. In order for everything to function properly and for minimal failures and errors, the hardware and software must be constantly maintained. To do this, the contracting company signs an agreement with the customer company, which specifies in detail all the terms of cooperation. How a reliable contractor company works Transferring a company to a remote server is carried out in stages: renting a server space; all necessary information is transferred to a remote server; applications and software are installed and configured; employees have access to information according to the level of each of them; backup and full protection of information and business is provided; is created

Workplace in the office

To choose a desktop for the office and equipment, namely a computer or laptop, you should decide who will use it, and also think about its size, material, design and additional equipment. This thing must be of high quality and comfortable, so that the person who will work behind it can fully concentrate on work and effectively complete their daily tasks. A separate issue is to provide access to data in the workplace using modern inventions. For example, in Germany, every worker has card access to the keyboard of the PC they use. In Japan, for example, a fingerprint is used for access, but the most common method is a personal password on a PC. There are also other means, but we won’t describe them all. Don't forget about data security on the servers themselves

How to find a reliable IT service provider?

Often a business has two problems: finding customers and finding reliable, responsible suppliers. This primarily concerns IT services. But why look for a professional supplier in this field? And why should you choose our company for cooperation? Let's tell you further. The pandemic and full-scale invasion have increased the demand of companies in Ukraine and around the world for outsourcing IT services. But you should always collaborate with the best, especially if your company is specific and, for example, responsible for maintaining customer data. In this case, unreliable specialists can carry out your business activities to the point of financial loss. At the same time, you should understand that maintaining your own team, which can respond to any problems 24/7, will cost you too much, and it is not a fact that they will be constantly overloaded with work. We know

Comparison of SSD, HDD and NVME hard drives

In the IT field, although companies and individuals have servers to store information, there is often a need to use hard drives. SIDATA constantly monitors what new products appear in the field of information storage, informs its customers and plans ahead for equipment upgrades. This is where the vast majority of the budget is invested, because you need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and be ahead of your competitors. Today, all information storage equipment can be divided into several types, but we will consider the most important ones, namely hard drives, which are used to save data such as: photographs; audio and video recordings; music tracks; documentation; applications. databases The disks also store computer operating system codes, software platforms and drivers, etc. Types of hard drives There are three types of hard drives

Comparison of AMD Ryzen™ 7 7700 and AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D Processors

Our company is the most powerful provider of servers in Ukraine specifically for hosting accounting systems. The most popular accounting systems are BAS UT, BAS UT ERP, BAS UT KUP, and many companies also use 1C Enterprise products. The extensive experience of our specialists allows us to identify the most optimal solutions, that is, servers on the processors of which will be the most productive for use under the requirements of accounting system databases. Many tests and a large number of reviews from our clients have formed some indicators of the speed and stability of the accounting systems. For example, Intel processors with almost identical characteristics provide less stable database operation, while AMD processors provide higher performance. We will not give numbers and tests, because much of the data is already on the Internet and will need to be rewritten again

CRM systems and BAS (MB, UT) are effective tools for online trading

Do you have your own online store that is constantly developing? Sales are growing, and you need to constantly manage financial flows and count profits. Today it is convenient to do this not in Excel or Google Docs, but in a modern accounting system. An example of a convenient and effective accounting system is products based on “BAS: Small Business”. This solution allows you to keep records for any number of online stores. All accounting takes place in one database, maximally adapted to your needs. But the question immediately arises of integrating the accounting system with a CRM system, for example, developed in Ukraine by SalesDrive. Our clients often ask: why not immediately choose a system that has both CPM and financial and composition accounting. We have come a long way in implementing accounting systems specifically for online trading and we can say that the optimal solution

Algorithm for transferring orders: CPM Sales drive – WMS Nova Poshta

An important component of online trading is the automation of order picking and sending them to the client. The quality of such a service is important for users, and this is what they first pay attention to when choosing an online store. When searching for a product, the buyer sees approximately the same prices, but different delivery options. It is its convenience and efficiency that influence the choice of supplier. In Ukraine, several operators deliver goods, the most powerful and popular of which is Nova Poshta. The carrier's network consists of more than 2,300 branches in 1,000+ cities and villages throughout Ukraine. Novaya Poshta has a service for storing goods and completing orders in its warehouse. But relatively recently it introduced a new option - accepting orders without intermediaries into its WMS database via API. The WMS (Warehouse Management System) database is a convenient system

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