Dedicated servers with GPU

Rent a dedicated server with GPU ✔️ Windows Server or Linux to choose from ✔️ Inexpensive ✔️ Data center in Europe from SIDATA.

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Productive servers

Rent a dedicated Dedicated server with GPU

Our dedicated servers with SIDATA GPUs provide outstanding performance regardless of the data center you choose. Carefully selected configurations guarantee optimal performance.

Dedicated servers with GPU

Dedicated SIDATA servers with GPU reliable fast inexpensive

Dedicated Dedicated Server Configurations with NVidia GPUs

Rent a dedicated Dedicated server with NVidia-based GPU for those who need special configuration and performance.

GPU CPU Memory Disks Traffic Price
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
CPU Intel Core i7 4(8) x 3.4 GHz
Memory 64 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 512 Gb SSD
Traffic 1 Gbps
Price 6300 8900 month
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
CPU Intel Core i7 4(8) x 3.6 GHz
Memory 64 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 960 Gb SSD
Traffic 1 Gbps
Price 10500 month
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
CPU Intel Core i7 4(8) x 3.6 GHz
Memory 64 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 1.92 Tb SSD
Traffic 1 Gbps
Price 12500 month

Operating system of your choice

Windows Server

Linux Debian

Linux Ubuntu

Linux CentOS

Additional services when renting a dedicated server in Europe

Dedicated servers with GPU 1

Server maintenance

  • Setting up the Windows Server / Linux operating system
  • Server optimization
  • Installing the server and application control panel
Dedicated servers with GPU 2

Migration to SIDATA servers

  • Migration of your data and software to a dedicated server
  • Transfer data without wasting your time or stopping your business
  • Server setup consultation

Possibility of renting dedicated servers with video cards (GPU server)

A dedicated server is one of the most powerful hosting options. Its peculiarity is that the user does not need to share his own resources with anyone else. And this is important, because dedicated GPU servers with video cards are needed to perform various tasks and work in multitasking mode, which means they require great power and the ability to withstand and process a large number of requests simultaneously.

The use of the GPU graphics processor is optimal for modern multitasking applications. This helps significantly speed up the processing of complex calculations.

Capabilities of GPU servers

The use of this equipment can solve a number of important problems, such as:
  • work with neural networks: calculation, recognition and generation of images, analysis of audio, language, video, etc.;
  • 3D modeling and animation creation;
  • video or heavy graphics processing;
  • processing large amounts of data;
  • streaming: from small online conferences and game broadcasts to large-scale events with tens of thousands of simultaneous connections, all in excellent quality;
  • mining.
Although some providers prohibit cryptocurrency mining on their servers, so this issue is discussed individually.

What are the advantages of renting a dedicated GPU server?

Why should you choose a dedicated GPU server for your needs? There are many reasons for this, in particular:

  • the most modern video cards for running 3D applications and optimizing graphics;
  • additional IP addresses;
  • connecting servers to the main European bandwidth channels;
  • professional administration, monitoring and technical support 24/7;
  • assistance in transferring the customer’s project to the server and setting up the software;
  • environmental data centers (cooling without the use of chemicals, which reduces energy costs and reduces the negative impact on the environment);
  • location in the best data centers in Europe, equipped with all modern standards;
  • protection against attacks up to L7 level at the data center level.

Whatever you do: 3D modeling, machine learning, graphic design, mining or other tasks that require a modern graphics card, a dedicated server will be the perfect solution for you. If your computer is not ultra-modern and powerful, but your work requires stability and reliability, Sidata can offer rental of a high-quality, secure server with a powerful video card, which is located outside the country. You will be satisfied with the service and cost and contact us for more information.

Частозадаваемые вопросы по аренде выделенного сервера с видеокартой (GPU)

Выделенный сервер с видеокартой на борту в аренде дает возможность сэкономить время и существенные средства для быстрого использования. Если вы начинающий специалист либо специалист с большим опытом обработки видео, изображений и т.п. расширяющий свой штат сотрудников вам не нужно покупать новый сервер , не нужно заботиться о доступности этого сервера для сотрудников которые работают удаленно. SIDATA предоставляет услуги по аренде серверов для широкого поля возможностей и полностью готовых к работе. Сделав заказ на север с GPU в течение часа вы получаете рабочий сервер и без существенных вложений средств.

Также SIDATA предоставляет дополнительные услуги по администрированию серверов, что может также сэкономит время на поиск хорошего специалиста ИТ.

На выделенных GPU-серверах мы предлагаем видеокарты одного из лидеров индустрии графических акселераторов – NVIDIA. В ассортименте SIDATA две линейка відеокарт – GTX и RTX. Название является аббревиатурой от « G iga T exel Shader e X treme», хотя это не относится к каким-либо реальным техническим возможностям, а является скорее маркетинговым термином, как линия RTX. RTX – это еще одно маркетинговое сокращение, означающее « R ay T racing Texel e X treme» и как следует из названия эти карты были первыми, в которых были реализованы некоторые специальные возможности трассировки лучей.
Build a server for your tasks!

Assembly of individual configurations according to customer requirements.

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