SIDATA Company Rules

Terms of use of services

Services provided by SIDATA should be used by the Client only for legal purposes and not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine and international laws.

Terms of use

Materials and actions prohibited for posting on SIDATA servers

  • financial pyramids, online casinos, sites dedicated to MMM, advertising of financial pyramids, bookmaker sites, lotteries, gambling sites;
  • pirated archives of films, music, books, television and computer programs, games (even if the physical location of these files is located on other servers);
  • torrent trackers, resources for distributing crack, unlicensed software (Warez);
  • using torrent clients to download unlicensed media content and software;
  • materials and products that encourage illegal activities or the sale of information that has been obtained illegally, as well as materials that incite others to engage in illegal activities;
  • sites distributing smoking mixtures, tobacco products, narcotic substances and marijuana seeds, or sites advertising such activities;
  • materials for campaigning political parties or political propaganda;
  • pornography, sexually oriented content, “adult products”, webcam sites, escort service sites;
  • gaming-themed sites, game servers, regardless of genres and types of gaming activity;
  • phishing sites;
  • services or scripts for sending unsolicited emails and messages in Internet instant messengers (SPAM);
  • services or scripts for testing network resources for vulnerabilities (Port scanners, etc.);
  • services for distributing malicious software, malicious shells or various scripts that perform certain actions without the user’s knowledge;
  • password selection services or scripts, parsers, indexers and crawlers (for scanning and obtaining information);
  • attempts to hack network resources, network attacks, DDOS;
  • sending viruses and malicious code;
  • VPN/Proxy/WebProxy/Anonymizers or any other software for redirecting traffic;
  • services for checking the performance of Proxy servers (proxy checkers);
  • storage and distribution of materials that violate Ukrainian or international legislation;
  • cryptocurrency mining (mining);
  • publication of information that violates the copyrights of third parties;
  • any actions that harm third parties;
  • any actions that violate Ukrainian or international legislation, as well as network etiquette.
In case of violation of one or more points of the above rules, your account and server(s) will be blocked and funds will not be returned.
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