Dedicated servers in Europe

Rent a dedicated server in Europe ✔️ Windows Server or Linux to choose from ✔️ Inexpensive ✔️ Data center in Europe from SIDATA.

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Rent a Dedicated Dedicated Server in Europe

SIDATA dedicated servers are characterized by increased performance and are located in data centers in Europe. Equipment configurations are selected for optimal performance.

Dedicated servers in Europe

Dedicated servers SIDATA reliable fast inexpensive

Dedicated Intel Dedicated Server Configurations

Rent a dedicated Dedicated server based on Intel Core and Xeon processors for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe. 

CPU Memory Disks Traffic Price
CPU Intel Core i7 4 x 3.4 GHz
Memory 32 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 500 Gb HDD
Price 3100 month
CPU Intel Core i7 4 x 3.6 GHz +HT
Memory 64 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 512 Gb SSD
Price 3600 month
CPU Intel Core i7 4 x 3.6GHZ+HT
Memory 64 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 4 Tb HDD
Price 3700 month
CPU Intel Xeon E3 4 x 3.6 GHz +HT
Memory 64 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 1 Tb SSD
Price 4500 month
CPU Intel Core i5 6 × 2.5 + 8 x 1.8 GHz +HT
Memory 64 GB DDR4
Disks 2 x 512 Gb + SSD NVME
Price 4850 month
CPU Intel Core i9 8 × 2.0 + 16 x 1.5 GHz +HT
Memory 64 GB DDR5
Disks 2 x 1.92 Tb + SSD NVME
Price 9800 month
CPU Intel Xeon Gold 24 × 2.1 GHz +HT
Memory 128 GB DDR5
Disks 2 x 3.84 Tb + SSD NVME
Price 13800 month

Configurations of dedicated Dedicated servers based on AMD Ryzen​

Rent a dedicated Dedicated server based on AMD Ryzen processors for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe. 

CPU Memory Disks Traffic Price
Amd Ryzen
CPU AMD Ryzen™ 5 6 x 3.6 GHz
Memory 64 Gb DDR4
Disks 2 x 512 Gb NVMe
Price 3600 month
Amd Ryzen
CPU AMD Ryzen™ 7 8 x 3.8 GHz
Memory 64 Gb DDR5
Disks 2 x 1000 Gb NVMe
Price 5800 month
Amd Ryzen
CPU AMD Ryzen™ 9 16 x 4.2 GHz
Memory 128 Gb DDR5
Disks 2 x 1920 Gb NVMe
Price 10700 month

Operating system of your choice

Windows Server

Linux Debian

Linux Ubuntu

Linux CentOS

Additional services when renting a dedicated server in Europe

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Server maintenance

  • Setting up the Windows Server / Linux operating system
  • Server optimization
  • Installing the server and application control panel
Dedicated servers in Europe 2

Migration to SIDATA servers

  • Migration of your data and software to a dedicated server
  • Transfer data without wasting your time or stopping your business
  • Server setup consultation

Why choose Dedicated server from SIDATA?

Dedicated servers are suitable for projects that require a large amount of resources. For example, if the database consumes a lot of computing resources or a large number of users require collaboration on a project. This hosting option is the most stable in operation, since it is used only for one project at a time. The client can also make individual equipment settings, install software and software, but most often this happens through SIDATA technical support.

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The client is provided with all the hardware resources and capabilities of the server equipment, which allows the hardware to operate at full capacity. By not having to share resources with other clients, you can get maximum stability and performance.

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Full control of equipment operation

The server administrator can independently customize the software and databases according to the specifics and requirements of the project, taking advantage of the dedicated machine.

Dedicated servers in Europe 1

Separate location of projects or databases

Storing information on different disk resources will allow you to keep access to the necessary files even when performing technical work.

Dedicated servers in Europe 2

Complete security

Compared to other types of hosting, a dedicated server is the most reliable option. First of all, this is due to the fact that only you will use the resources of your server and no one else claims the processor time or the amount of RAM.

Frequently asked questions about renting Dedicated virtual servers in Europe

A dedicated server is a physical server provided to one user or organization in its entirety; it is not shared with other users. Unlike cloud solutions or virtual servers, a dedicated server is a completely independent piece of hardware.

Its main advantages:

  • High performance.
  • Control and flexibility.
  • Safety.
  • Resources for a single user.
  • Dedicated IP address


Dedicated server leasing means providing access and use of a physical server that is completely dedicated to one client or organization. 

It turns out that the customer does not rent a virtual machine or resources on a cloud server, but an actual physical server located in a data center or from a hosting provider.

  • The client gets full access and control over the dedicated server, including the operating system, installed software and settings. No other clients or users share this server's resources. 
  • All processor processing power, memory, disk space and network resources are provided to only one client, which ensures stable and predictable performance. 
  • Dedicated server rentals provide high performance and handle large amounts of data and traffic, making it an attractive choice for large projects or high-load applications. 
  • Since a dedicated server is owned by only one client, it guarantees a higher level of security than cloud or virtual servers, where resources can be shared among multiple users. 
  • The customer has full control over the server and can customize it as he sees fit. 

Rent a dedicated server cheaply from SIDATA.

Who should definitely buy a dedicated server?

  • Large companies and enterprises to ensure high performance and stability of their applications and services.
  • Web hosting providers for high quality hosting services of many websites. 
  • Game companies to process data and ensure smooth online gaming experience. 
  • Organizations with high requirements for security and protection of personal data. 
  • Developers and testers to build and test applications in isolated environments. 
  • Online stores and e-commerce to process payments and ensure the reliable operation of sites. 
  • Media and streaming companies to provide video and audio content over the Internet. 

Data-intensive projects such as data analytics and machine learning to process information efficiently.

Dedicated server (English Dedicated Server) is a separate physical server. Virtualization is completely absent, so the user can fully use the server's resources for their needs. SIDATA offers a cheap monthly lease of a dedicated server. This means own hardware for your project. You can fully use the hardware resources of the server, which is ideal for your needs.

The advantage of a dedicated root server over virtual server (VPS/VDS) is that the server system rented by you belongs only to you and no one else has access to your server. Thus, you get all the resources of a dedicated server. With your dedicated server account, you can set up and manage your rented server as you wish. A dedicated server has a number of advantages over a virtual server, especially in the case of resource-intensive applications such as a game server, a large web server, or a database server.

Dedicated server: 

  • A physical server, fully dedicated to one user or organization.
    Provides dedicated resources (processor, memory, disk space, network) for this one client only. 
  • It has high performance, stability and predictability of work. 
  • Has more control and flexibility in configuring and managing the server. 
  • It usually costs more, since all resources are reserved for only one client.

Cloud server: 

  • A virtual server based on the infrastructure of cloud providers. 
  • Resources (processor, memory, disk space) can be shared between multiple users. 
  • Flexibility to scale resources based on your needs.
  • Reliability is ensured through duplication of resources and the ability to quickly recover. 
  • It has limited customization options, as the infrastructure is managed by the provider.

Both types of servers have their own advantages and are suitable for different use cases.

  1. Decide what server resources and features you need to support your project or application.
  2. Decide on the geographic location of the server. 
  3. Order a dedicated server from us by choosing the plan that suits your requirements. Make sure that all conditions and rental prices are suitable for you.
  4. Once your server is ready, you will have access to its management to configure the operating system, software, and other necessary settings.
  5. Take steps to keep your server secure by installing the necessary security measures, including firewalls and software updates.
  6. Maintain constant monitoring of the server to resolve issues that arise and keep it running reliably.
  7. Make regular backup copies of important data to protect information on the server from loss.

Important: Please note that a dedicated server in Europe follows the rules and laws of the country in which it is located, so consider the regulatory restrictions and requirements before deciding to rent a server outside of your country.

Renting a dedicated server in Europe: advantages:

  • Proximity to the audience. If your target audience or users are in Europe, renting a dedicated server in this region will reduce latency (ping) and increase the speed of access to your resources. 
  • High performance. Data centers in Europe are typically equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring high server performance and availability. 
  • Reliability and stability. European hosting providers often maintain high standards of quality and service. 
  • Compliance with laws. Dedicated server rental may be preferable for those who require compliance with strict rules and legislation of the European Union on data processing and the protection of confidential information. 
  • High level of security. European data centers provide a high level of security and physical protection of servers. 
  • Support in different languages. Support is provided in various languages, making it easier to communicate and resolve customer issues. 
  • Convenient working hours. Renting a server in Europe provides more convenient interaction with the hosting provider if you or your company needs to work in the European time zone.
The price varies significantly depending on several factors such as:
  • Server configuration. The cost depends on processor power, amount of RAM, disk space and other server characteristics.
  • Service level. If you need a managed server with technical support and additional services, this may affect the cost.
  • Provider. Different hosting providers may offer different prices depending on their reputation, quality of service and additional features. Find a dedicated server rental inexpensively.
Choose dedicated SIDATA servers. Cooperating with us is safe.

Approximate prices for dedicated servers in Ukraine start from approximately 60 to 200 US dollars per month for basic configurations.

Our company rates: from 3600 to 10700 UAH per month, depending on your processor and the chosen tariff plan. Dedicated server rental cheap in SIDATA.

Usually the minimum payment period is 1 to 3 months. If you choose a longer payment period, you will get more favorable terms and a better level of support.

The process of installing and activating a dedicated server takes from several hours to several days. To find out the exact time of server installation and activation, contact our specialists personally.

We will provide specific information on the timing and clarify all the details of the server deployment process.

Build a server for your tasks!

Assembly of individual configurations according to customer requirements.

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