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Fast and reliable servers

Rent of virtual and dedicated servers in Europe and the USA

SIDATA will help your online store and any other business grow with a fast, secure and simple cloud platform that is supported 24/7.

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Little cloud SIDATA

Free trial period - 5 days

SIDATA - server rental in Europe and the USA optimized for your tasks

Middle cloud SIDATA

BAS and 1C:Enterprise in the cloud

Optimized servers for high performance of your ERP, CRM or BAS system of any level, basic configuration and support.

from 350 ₴ / month

Big cloud SIDATA

Virtual servers VPS/VDS

Fast, reliable and affordable servers for small and medium businesses. Fully configured and ready to go in 15 minutes.

from 350 ₴ / month

Server rental

Dedicated servers

High-performance scalable servers for medium and large businesses. The best ratio of price and quality.

from 3100 ₴ / month

Who will benefit from SIDATA services?

  • Budget savings: You do not spend money on the purchase of equipment that will become illiquid in a year or two
  • Switch to a different CapEx cost model in OpEx: You forgo capital investments in favor of low recurring payments upon use
  • Cost optimization: You pay only for the amount of resources you use
  • Security of information storage: Your data is protected by EU law
  • Control of financial flows from anywhere in the world, without the need to be in the office..
  • The speed of reporting is the highest, so the server SIDATA optimized for the use of 1C:Enterprise, BAS databases.
  • All data is fully protected from hacker attacks and, if necessary, there is the possibility of recovery
  • Ease of use and maximum mobility: You can work on our servers without being tied to the office from any device at any time of the day.
  • Ability to integrate any peripheral equipment: Your barcode scanner or receipt printer will work from any local computer
  • Flexible payment system: through the self-service portal you can make online payments for server rental and additional services without the need to visit a bank or use a bank client
  • Maximum system performance: You do not need to think about upgrading hardware for new software - We will do it for you as quickly and free of charge as possible
  • Protection against hacking and data encryption: You can be sure of maximum protection against hacking of your server - We use the most advanced technologies to protect your resources
  • And what about backups: You get daily full backups of your server for the last 7 days. At your individual request, we will set up a personal Disaster Recovery plan

Don't know what server configuration to order? Order a quote, don’t pay for extra resources!

Assistance in placing BAS or 1C: Enterprise systems on SIDATA servers

BAS, 1C:Enterprise in the cloud

Advantages of renting a server from SIDATA

SIDATA clients receive maximum benefits from renting servers in our data centers. Data centers are located in Germany, Finland, France, the Netherlands and the USA. 

Maximum server performance

Balanced servers are assembled on the latest equipment. Processor systems based on Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen chips with high frequency up to ~ 4.9 Ghz

Pre-installed software on the server

All servers are equipped with the operating system of your choice. It is possible to additionally order the necessary software by contacting the SIDATA support service or sales department.

Data protection from hacking and viruses

All SIDATA servers are equipped with protection against DDoS attacks. Additional protection is possible, discussed individually.

Reviews about renting a server at SIDATA

Frequently asked questions about renting a server

Everyone will want to rent a powerful server to ensure the smooth operation of the system and data security. To order, you should assemble your server, that is, determine the necessary parameters. Among them are the processor, the amount of memory, the type of disk, etc.

The processor is a key element, since performance and speed depend on it. You can choose from Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen hardware. 

Depending on the business tasks and the size of the databases, the required amount of memory is selected. For small projects, 4 GB may be enough, but for large projects, much more will be needed for stable operation. As for the type of disk drive, you should choose an option with low power consumption, high fault tolerance and data writing speed. 

Also, the location of the data center matters. In our company, it is possible to rent a server in Europe, which ensures reliable operation and minimizes the risk of information loss in case of force majeure. If you need help calculating the server configuration, please contact the managers by phone or online chat. 

Servers can be rented in any configuration available on the market. But if you have not found the best option, you can order an individual server configuration from us. We will take into account your workloads, wishes for performance and scaling, select the necessary parameters for your tasks and perform a cost calculation. For advice, call or write to the online chat.

Our specialists carefully develop the equipment configuration and coordinate each parameter with the client so that renting a server abroad is profitable. If during the process you want to change some parameter, you can do it if necessary. But then the cost of renting servers is recalculated.

It is profitable to rent virtual or dedicated servers in Ukraine, because in this way you get your own IP address and a large amount of memory, you can ensure stable, uninterrupted operation, while saving money on the purchase of special equipment for storing significant amounts of information. But even more profitable would be to rent a remote server in Europe. And that's why: 

  • confidentiality is ensured and the security of information is regulated at the legislative level of the country in which the data center is located;
  • the safety of data is guaranteed, unlike Ukrainian servers, which became more vulnerable during the period of hostilities;
  • in case of force majeure, work will not stop thanks to a backup server;
  • you can implement any version of the program and transfer all databases to the cloud;
  • You can access the server from anywhere in the world.

Renting a server in Europe eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment. This is convenient and beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for large companies that do not need to maintain their own server and hire a staff of specialists to maintain it. It's easier to rent a powerful server and order administration to ensure high download speeds and reliable operation.

You can rent a server anywhere in the world. But keep in mind that the location of the center affects the download speed and the confidentiality of information. The closer the server is located to users, the higher the data transfer rate will be, and each country has its own laws governing information security. 

The best countries where it is profitable to rent a foreign server are:

  • Netherlands. There is loyal legislation and well-established data transmission channels to Ukraine. 
  • Germany. The country is famous for its high quality, including in the field of hosting. You can rent a server without fear that problems and failures will arise.
  • France. Here, server rental is available for Ukrainians. The price includes reliable protection against hacker attacks, unlimited traffic and other services. 
  • USA. Provides powerful equipment, guarantees complete confidentiality, data protection and fast service. 

If you are interested in renting servers in Europe, choose a reliable country with a developed economy, which is closer to Ukraine, and if you want to enter the American market and at the same time not be inferior to local companies in terms of quality of service, rent a server in the USA.

We cooperate with the best data centers in the world, which are equipped with modern reliable equipment. The use of servers is governed by the laws of the countries in which they are located, so third parties cannot influence them in any way. This increases the privacy and security of the data.

We are constantly expanding the network and now it is possible to rent servers in a data center in Germany (Nuremberg), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris), the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the USA. Placement of databases, accounting and warehouse accounting programs, as well as other resources abroad ensures the stable operation of any business, regardless of external factors. 

If you want to order a remote server, renting allows you to choose the optimal operating system for yourself and install the necessary software. All data is protected from DDoS attacks, it is possible to install additional protection (discussed individually). Only you have access to the data, and you can access the network from anywhere in the world. 

We offer optimized for your tasks VPS/VDS virtual servers And Dedicated servers. If necessary, we will migrate all your databases. Contact us by phone or online chat for more details.

Yes. Server rental, the prices of which depend on the type of server and its configuration, is possible for the period you need - for several months, a year or several years. 

At the same time, you can save money when ordering the service for 3 months at once. Then you will receive the fourth month of rent as a gift. Learn more about the conditions of the promotion from our managers by phone or in the chat on the website.

The cost of renting a server per month depends on the type of server being rented and the configuration, in particular, the type of processor, disk, amount of RAM, as well as the number of users, country of location and other factors.

Renting a server in Ukraine costs from 350 UAH per month for a virtual one. And the price of renting a dedicated server, which is characterized by increased performance, has an optimal configuration and is located in Europe or the USA, starts from 3100 UAH per month. 

Prices can be seen on the website or ask managers. For a consultation, call or write to the online chat, and to place an order, fill out a special form.

What is SIDATA company?

The wide possibilities provided by SIDATA cloud servers will allow you to optimize and automate most of your business processes.

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