Server rental service for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine and Europe.

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SIDATA Company

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History of SIDATA

Working in the IT field, there has always been a problem of universalization of services; having experience in implementing and maintaining large-scale automation systems, we came to the conclusion that complex solutions are not so common in the Ukrainian market and in the world. Having gathered experience and determination, we launched the SIDATA startup. And now we sell the fruits of our labors to a wide range of customers from different business sectors.

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Our vision

Imagine your child who requires constant attention, whom you love and of course put all your strength and soul into. All that you have - experience, knowledge, achievements in digital form - all this is your legacy and we SIDATA ready to provide the protection and care you need with full knowledge of the technology required to do so.

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Our mission

Provide quality service. Show that such a thing exists and, using our example, allow you to choose the best for yourself.

Who is on the SIDATA team?

Location of SIDATA data centers

TIER-III class data centers are equipped with the latest servers and modern equipment.

Data center in Germany


Data center in Finland


Data center in the Netherlands


Data center in France


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Vacancies SIDATA

Join our company. We are always looking for talent.

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